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From the Girls, Guns, and Gun Powder Class....


    Today was really a one of those "Wisdom " ah ha moments !!! ☆ I left about 10 am to go to the Girls- Guns and Amo class and finished around 3pm .I really didn't realize how much I didn't know about the gun in my night stand by my bed , "that I though was protecting me " . ..I was pretty shaken up at one point as I was starting to understand how much trouble I would have been in a "break in " so much so that I'm pretty certain I wasn't the only one that picked up on my " oh nooo " moment when my hands were shaking to reload my gun .. I seriously thought I was ok with my gun by my bed ..truth is if I had... had 10 minutes , it still wouldn't have been enough time to protect me and save my life without the knowledge of how to react safely , how to shoot properly , "when" and "where to shoot ".. and all the knowledge taught today we don't all have that knowledge. ... believe most men do .. my gun was hard to handle at first and my thumb still has a pulse from learning where not to place my thumb Smiling now ( Not so much 2 hours ago ).... truthfully about 67% of women really don't know how to protect them selves..I think it's safe to say that self defense classes are great and needed but "yikes " , who wants some one getting that close ..I was part of the 67% majority until today ! I arrived at around 10:30 so unsure of my self in this area... and left around 3pm knowing "If I have a break-in .. in or an attacker outside of my home .. " I'm not the one getting ready to have a very bad day ...and more than likely, possibly their last " . If we are friends please ..Go Take This Class ! Alan Koontz , very well done ! Thank you— feeling confident



I agree... So very thankful I went to*:) time well spent*:) thank you again Alan.................Pat H.


This was an awesome class. Lots of wonderful information, great instruction, and fun. .............Marijean F.


This was a great experience !  Take this class ☆☆☆☆☆.........................Cynthian Freeman


Excellent class! I highly recommended for all................Monica F.




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