StrikeForce Firearms Training was established to provide real world scenario training for individuals so that they will feel confident if or when an event such as self defense happens. 


      Alan Koontz, the owner, has had years of experience with many firearms. While growing up, he spent many hours with his dad who was a very well known gunsmith in the area. 


He is an 8 year US Army Veteran, Drill Sergeant, qualified Airborne and Air Assault, attended the 25th Infantry Division Jungle Survival Course, and  former High Point Police Officer... 


Alan is also a Certified NRA Basic Handgun Instructor along with being certified in North Carolina as a Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor.  Certified NRA Home Defense, Range Safety Officer, Shotgun and Rifle.


US Army PT Badge

StrikeforceFirearmsTraining, LLC - Thomasville, NC - Tel: 336-451-0132

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