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     StrikeForce Firearms Training was established to provide real world scenario training for individuals so that they will feel confident if or when an event such as self defense happens. 


      Alan Koontz, the owner, has had years of experience with many firearms. While growing up, he spent many hours with his dad who was a very well known gunsmith in the area. 


He is an 8 year US Army Veteran, Drill Sergeant, qualified Airborne and Air Assault, attended the 25th Infantry Division Jungle Survival Course, and  former High Point Police Officer and does Private Security / Executive Protection with several different companies.   


Alan is also a Certified NRA Basic Handgun Instructor along with being certified in North Carolina as a Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor.  Certified NRA Home Defense, Range Safety Officer, Shotgun and Rifle.

Our Team

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US Army PT Badge

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Zak Koontz, US Army Veteran / Military Police Officer

Zaks first hand knowledge of Weaponry and the Use of Force experience he acquired in the military is a step above other instructors who don't have real life experience in Arrest Techniques, Search and Seizure of Property, USE of Force, Vehicle Search, 4th Amendment Rights, and much more needed in understanding your rights as  a Concealed Carry Permit Holder. 

He served over 4.5 years in the 300th MP, 116th MP, and the 97th MP Battalion, 89th Brigade under the Big Red One at Fort Riley, Kansas.

As one of the Lead Instructors, he will be implementing and teaching Tactical Operations in Buildings Searches (How you defend your home or your Castle) and Defensive Positions in Vehicles. This is very important for anyone traveling in their vehicle with their handgun or firearms.

While serving in the Military Police, his responsibilities included:

Maneuver and Mobility Support Operations (Reconnaissance and Surveillance)
Area security operations (Site security and response)
Law & order operations (Law Enforcement and developing Host-nation police forces)
Police Intelligence Operations
Internment and Resettlement

Zak is a Former Ledford High School Student who played Football and was Ledfords 220lb Wrestling State Qualifier in 2015.

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